April 15, 2007

Safe in my heart..
(Dedicated to my sweet chum,Nidhi)

Slid into my memories,
Tucked away safe in my heart.

Its been so long,
I’m trying to brush off the time we’d lost.

And in between,

The moments were lonely,
The winning, so absurd.

The mornings were inky,
And the nights so blazed.

Had light across the tunnel
Bleary eyed is what I had been.

And I thought I’d die tomorrow,
But you came,
Called my name.

You slid into my memories,
Tucked away safe in my heart.

Its seems forever,
I’m trying to pull back the time, we had before.

And now,

The moments have company,
And the winning so reasonable.

The mornings are shining
And the nights now put me to sleep.

There is a sun in every tunnel,
Starry eyed is what I’ll be.

And I think I’ll live forever,
If you come again
And call my name.

Stay in my memories,
You‘ll be safe in my heart….

April 1, 2007

The last, I write

I laughed the last time, you made me to
I cry now, why haven’t you come to soothe me yet?

It’s not just the pain
But the loneliness that I have gained.

Didn’t tell me, what I wasn’t
I was dying inside you, was apparent.

Smoldering what we had
You smothered me, you were bad.

I wasn’t asked to look back
Because you had lost your humane face.

It’s not that, only hate I write
But it’s chaste from the now numb heart.

It’s the last, I write for you
The pot is dry of all the tears.