March 1, 2008

Love note

Love note

I am writing my heart again
A love note in pain
Of love and sorrow
It seems just like a never ending tomorrow

Now the rain has gone
And it seems that you're the one who's alone
I remember the night, all the stars, you and me
But it’s hard to believe that now you don’t remember me

I was beautiful with you
Now with or without you
I have learnt to cherish
Your final wish...

Ask yourself a question
Was it ever a good proposition?
To conceive our children in my eyes
I know you weren't all lies

The time goes by
You had rightly said while loosening our ties
I remember the night, all the stars, me and you
But it’s hard to believe that now i don’t remember the look on you

I am beautiful again
Forgotten the dreams that you had lain
I am loving love again
She seems like an angel without a taint

My thoughts, they are cheating
Unjust is my writing
What i feel through her in my fingers
Can’t seem to pen down love that lingers

It’s always a beautiful dawn
When i wake up with her thoughts and walk alone
Wish i was sober from the last night
Love had got me high and tight

She holds me by my hand
As we fly and...
The time goes by
You had rightly said while loosening our ties

So say "doll"...
Isn’t it a droll?
I am getting older
She doesn’t let my love get over

We’ve walked the planet together
Tireless our feet feel like feathers
The rain is pouring again in no vain
Drenching us in love every weather

The nights, all the stars have been lit alive
We both seem to thrive
It’s a disgrace that you can’t have her anymore
Or we both together, like i do

February 27, 2008

Waking sleep

Waking sleep

Don’t want to have sleep in my eyes
Would rather wake up to see sleep waking up in your eyes
Along with the first morning light you take me in
And i get a high therein

Look close enough now
I have grown without a trace now
In your love
Don’t shove me now

It’s been your spell
That has kept me captive, I can’t tell
I still want to hold your hand in sleep
Even when I am let free

Get up now
Or ill go on forever now
Dress up into something sober
It’ll suit you after a morning shower

Let me pat dry your hair
I can’t just see you from the comfort of this chair
I want you to know
That I savor the freshness of you hair

It will be a beautiful dawn
I’ll again leave myself to you in pawn
Worthy of something that is you
Wont come back to ask for it too

Let me make you something
And some caffeine to drink
Remember the flavor of the last time
They’ll again have elements of me

Let this morning be different like always
Feel for me strong in your own ways
And don’t tell me a thing
Tease me and make me feel the sting...

February 21, 2008

He doesn't make her like you

He doesn’t make her like you

You could steal my breath tonight
Cause now he doesn’t make her like you, a'right
The alleys are getting tight now
And i am all shrinking because i am cold now

The fact that you could kill me
I still want you to be with me
Hold me tight tonight
Don’t wait for another night

Let’s make love tonight
Just like our kinda night
These alleys will lead us there, a'right
Hold me between your fingers tight

You be my breath tonight
Cause now he won’t make her like you, a’right
You make me one of a kind now
Part of a love that don’t exist now

Now its Friday’s night
Wid u wanna see the Sunday’s light
Wheres the Saturday gone now
Lost in your eyes don’t ask me how?

You could steal my breath tonight
Cause he made you for me, a'right!

Another day

Yet another day

Yet another sec

Why should I tell you

That I fly when I walk besides you

You can’t really win

In loving you when I pitch in

It seems to be getting off hand now

Can’t get you off my mind now

I love you so

Don’t let me go

Yet another day

Love you? I may...

Forgetting the last

A day, fresh I start...

You don’t hold me back

I am here because I lack

A zest to think love beyond you

It’s true I have always been within you

Thoughts might cajole you now

Shrewdly I deny and how?

That you make me go pink

Whenever a thought of you comes and winks

But I should love you my way

You really have no say

I shouldn’t let you know

That I am in tears when you go...

January 8, 2008

Father and son

Killing you softly

I do it so promptly

Hating you till breathless

Then choking with love’s mess

Last saw you on a bed

Fighting a horse riding you to a dead end

If given a choice I could have held it back

That night it could only be slowed down

Others were riding in similar ways

Life just plays

They were a little behind

Little slow

In the flow

No need to finish first

And still be at the losing end

I let you win

Showed you the short cut to the fin

But I loved you

That holds true

No tears outside

Flowing Nile inside

Nobody knows

Nobody cares

It still sends shivers down the line

Triggering pain time and time.

People see you in me

They find your sublime

Probably you didn’t win

You couldn’t reach the fin

I will keep you on track

Holding you back

Until I ride your horse

Myself hoping to get till the end.

Keep faking

I see no love

Feel no pain

Makes me numb

A scum

I see truce

When I choose

To let it down

And give you the crown

But I house lava inside

And am infected from outside

I pop it like a guitar

And leave no scar

The crown will be falling

Help you’ll be calling

I see no harm

On bestowing you my charm

And I am angry

And I am hungry

I am virtuous too

In spreading the flu

It wont kill you instantly

I will be fingering you constantly

See me in the eye

When you cry

I might just leave your soul

Collecting ashes

You’ll be burning

On you ill be cooking

The broth…

Sitting tidy you might be now

But be careful somehow

I am not scaring you

Just telling you

I see beauty in you

Keep faking it until I catch you.