February 27, 2008

Waking sleep

Waking sleep

Don’t want to have sleep in my eyes
Would rather wake up to see sleep waking up in your eyes
Along with the first morning light you take me in
And i get a high therein

Look close enough now
I have grown without a trace now
In your love
Don’t shove me now

It’s been your spell
That has kept me captive, I can’t tell
I still want to hold your hand in sleep
Even when I am let free

Get up now
Or ill go on forever now
Dress up into something sober
It’ll suit you after a morning shower

Let me pat dry your hair
I can’t just see you from the comfort of this chair
I want you to know
That I savor the freshness of you hair

It will be a beautiful dawn
I’ll again leave myself to you in pawn
Worthy of something that is you
Wont come back to ask for it too

Let me make you something
And some caffeine to drink
Remember the flavor of the last time
They’ll again have elements of me

Let this morning be different like always
Feel for me strong in your own ways
And don’t tell me a thing
Tease me and make me feel the sting...

February 21, 2008

He doesn't make her like you

He doesn’t make her like you

You could steal my breath tonight
Cause now he doesn’t make her like you, a'right
The alleys are getting tight now
And i am all shrinking because i am cold now

The fact that you could kill me
I still want you to be with me
Hold me tight tonight
Don’t wait for another night

Let’s make love tonight
Just like our kinda night
These alleys will lead us there, a'right
Hold me between your fingers tight

You be my breath tonight
Cause now he won’t make her like you, a’right
You make me one of a kind now
Part of a love that don’t exist now

Now its Friday’s night
Wid u wanna see the Sunday’s light
Wheres the Saturday gone now
Lost in your eyes don’t ask me how?

You could steal my breath tonight
Cause he made you for me, a'right!

Another day

Yet another day

Yet another sec

Why should I tell you

That I fly when I walk besides you

You can’t really win

In loving you when I pitch in

It seems to be getting off hand now

Can’t get you off my mind now

I love you so

Don’t let me go

Yet another day

Love you? I may...

Forgetting the last

A day, fresh I start...

You don’t hold me back

I am here because I lack

A zest to think love beyond you

It’s true I have always been within you

Thoughts might cajole you now

Shrewdly I deny and how?

That you make me go pink

Whenever a thought of you comes and winks

But I should love you my way

You really have no say

I shouldn’t let you know

That I am in tears when you go...