December 3, 2007

She flows inside me

As her fragrance sinks into what beats within me.. she flows inside me..
..I feel life again as she thumps against me..
..I am colored red..
..they say I have come out of the dead..
..its love, within me she has bred.

A dimmer you

Walking in the darkest of nights,
I see a dimmer you in your eyes,
But I still walk through.. see a brighter you.
Blinded I get as I walk through,
But I get a brighter you..

November 14, 2007

Like yesterday

I might not love you as I did yesterday

But don’t take me to the end of it today

It was so simple and plain

When we had borrowed each other’s pain

Your sorrows had rained through our eyes

Stronger it held our ties

Holding to each other’s warmth

We had woken the night away

I might not love you as I did yesterday

But don’t take me to the end of it today

We knew they won’t ever understand

Our baby would be shred into strands

But we showed it the light

And were open for every fight

Remember? We had sung lullabies

And driven the fear away

I might not love you as I did yesterday

But don’t take me to the end of it today

Romance is in your eyes

Held me captivated like the vastness of the skies

It felt silk in your touch

I had awaited it so much

The depth of your silent soul

Had echoed inside me

I might not love you as I did yesterday

But don’t take me to the end of it today

It’s hard to believe

That one day I must leave..

..for some lesser being..

..this I am already fearing

The sky will be colored love red again

Amazing, even without you it won’t pain

I might not love you as I did yesterday

But don’t take me to the end of it today

Because I am still your baby

Forever maybe..

I may fly away as a dove

But will never grow out of your love

I might not love you as I did yesterday

But don’t take me to the end of it today

Another mile...

In my thoughts...

Emptiness I fought

And I walked another mile

To see her smile

Out in the wild

Like a lost child

I say a little prayer

When I find her not near

I close my eyes

Hoping the time flies

As I keep falling

Her name I am calling

Am I reaching?

Is she listening?

I won’t see the light

Clenching my eyes tight

A universe I see

As inside me, her I feel

I hum a little rhyme…

…as I walk, guess its time..

Must fasten the steps

Wet, lick my lips

The freshness of her hair

I could breathe it in the air

Passing through the trees

Following the fire flies

I could see her

Also searching for me...

July 15, 2007

You’re my winter’s dew

Thought I would write..
.. you something,
In my mind I had.. many things.

Thought I would..
..message you,
That over and over I miss you.

But that you know too,
So let me tell you..
..something new,
That you’re my winter’s dew.

On every window sheet,
That I look through,
You remind me,
Of love so true.

I see you in my very sight,
On my glasses that I wear..
..wiping you off I so much fear.

Writing my name over you,
Reaffirming to those sheets that I love you,
And trickling down the shiny plane,
You too respond the same.

Hope this winter,
Passes slow
Have to find you.. summers too.

July 7, 2007

Just before you go..

And just before u go,
I want you to know.

I cried,
And died,
When I realized…
…that how much I tried…
…the roses dried..

When u won’t be here,
I would be longing for u there…
…in my heart,
It would be hard.

And just before u leave,
I want u to feel.

When in my heart I fear,
Open it, in this process I tear,
Can’t really hide,
What’s melting inside.

When my eyes rain,
Inside the world goes insane,
In so much pain,
It happens in a chain.

But just before u go,
I want u to hear.

That in your eyes,
I suffice,
I have a reason,
They make me go crimson,

I promise that I won’t be weak,
And Ill be fine within a tweak.

And as I let you go,
I know that you know,
That it is just a phase,
And together we’ll face..

July 5, 2007

Night’s sorrow

Whistling in the night,
Thinking of you,
Missing your insight.

Should I smoke?
Would you come?
And stop me?
I must hope..

Cant help smiling,
Within me you are filling

Those eyes,
And goodbyes,
Leaving me…
…with the endless thoughts
Of love that I had sought.

I remember
The touch…
…of love so much.

Have to count stars..
Cant really help,
You are so far.

I sometimes wonder,
And ponder,
How a promise to…
…meet me again tomorrow…
…washes away the night’s sorrow?

In a stream,
Of you in my dream,
I’ll fight the dark,
To see the morning’s star.

Tomorrow will be a new day,
Longer will we stay?
Still, early ill drop you home,
Want my nights to miss you…
…more and more.

June 14, 2007

to me

to he

(Dedicated to an evergreen friendship, called Kushagra)

in loss or gain

in so much pain

i walk

to talk

to someone

hes the only one

i dont speak

we are freaks

the unspoken word

means the world

to me

to he

a cry in the dark

or when in any lark

together we have been

and have seen

child in us grow

in winds, to and fro

trumpets we now blow

life's in flow

the saga will continue

we'll prepare the menu

wat "it" has to serve

to fulfill our verve

to me

to he

the saga just continues....

June 2, 2007

He’ll understand..

Moments, I let them pass

Wait, is my task

Every sunrise, is what I count

Hope, is what I want

Everyday I am dawning

Pouring and yearning

With desire

To fire

To hire

Another test

Onto my chest

To receive the pain

Of life’s lain

When in darkness

I am in harness

I close my eyes

Loosen all the ties

On my knees

Him I please

Get down low

And bow

Cause he chose me

In tests to sheen

To fall

Then stand tall

I took the blows

Got really slow

Now I am fine

I think its time

Hope he’s unlike me

Next to me

His son will stand

And understand

He’ll take me to a place

Where I am free

And could fly above the trees

Then love I’ll seek

At its peak

Moments, I let them pass

Wait, is my task

Every sunrise, is what I count

Hope, is what I want

May 3, 2007

I want to..

I want to speak to you..
What your ears cant listen to..

I want to hear you..
Even when, someone else you’re speaking to..

I want to see you..
When you’re quite and don’t want me to..

I want to feel u..
When in distress my mind
Wants someone to hold on to..

My gratification..

I am closing my mind
Away form you to find

Its starts with fear
That you might come near

Its not my fault
I live in a vault
Away from all this chaos
Between my need and your want

Cause I strife
For a life
That’s devoid
Of voids
Of expectations
Of unrealistic presumptions

Cause if you give me love
I’ll give you wings
For you to fly
And leave me to try

Again in my vault
Its not my fault

But I fancy here
A podium I share
With my conscious mind
And subconscious find

They power me into versification
And I write for their satisfaction gratification

Love is so...

Love is so dreary like
Waking up to early mornings

Startling to the perching rooster
Letting out his fright

To follow the samey
Old number daily

Watching the sun rise
To take up its prestige

Cycling through the tacky
Brown track

Following ma animals
Hurrying them to the earth

Scrutinizing the beasts
Winding up their feasts

Heat soaking up the afternoon dopey
Fishing up a nap, I am hopey

Waking up to slug down
The sustenance my other half prepared

Day will be shortening
Animals will be tiring

Watching the sun go down
Must leave for the town

Following the parched
Crumbly track

Chasing ma animals
Hurrying them to the shed

Counting the beasts
Resting them under cover

Seeing ma adoration
Watching my way
Feeling fresh again
The day was worth all the pain

Coming closer to ma features
She does it again,
“Wake up, its morning, still sleeping?”

..and love is so dreary as always
Like waking up to early mornings

April 15, 2007

Safe in my heart..
(Dedicated to my sweet chum,Nidhi)

Slid into my memories,
Tucked away safe in my heart.

Its been so long,
I’m trying to brush off the time we’d lost.

And in between,

The moments were lonely,
The winning, so absurd.

The mornings were inky,
And the nights so blazed.

Had light across the tunnel
Bleary eyed is what I had been.

And I thought I’d die tomorrow,
But you came,
Called my name.

You slid into my memories,
Tucked away safe in my heart.

Its seems forever,
I’m trying to pull back the time, we had before.

And now,

The moments have company,
And the winning so reasonable.

The mornings are shining
And the nights now put me to sleep.

There is a sun in every tunnel,
Starry eyed is what I’ll be.

And I think I’ll live forever,
If you come again
And call my name.

Stay in my memories,
You‘ll be safe in my heart….

April 1, 2007

The last, I write

I laughed the last time, you made me to
I cry now, why haven’t you come to soothe me yet?

It’s not just the pain
But the loneliness that I have gained.

Didn’t tell me, what I wasn’t
I was dying inside you, was apparent.

Smoldering what we had
You smothered me, you were bad.

I wasn’t asked to look back
Because you had lost your humane face.

It’s not that, only hate I write
But it’s chaste from the now numb heart.

It’s the last, I write for you
The pot is dry of all the tears.