July 15, 2007

You’re my winter’s dew

Thought I would write..
.. you something,
In my mind I had..
..so many things.

Thought I would..
..message you,
That over and over I miss you.

But that you know too,
So let me tell you..
..something new,
That you’re my winter’s dew.

On every window sheet,
That I look through,
You remind me,
Of love so true.

I see you in my very sight,
On my glasses that I wear..
..wiping you off I so much fear.

Writing my name over you,
Reaffirming to those sheets that I love you,
And trickling down the shiny plane,
You too respond the same.

Hope this winter,
Passes slow
Have to find you..
..in summers too.

July 7, 2007

Just before you go..

And just before u go,
I want you to know.

I cried,
And died,
When I realized…
…that how much I tried…
…the roses dried..

When u won’t be here,
I would be longing for u there…
…in my heart,
It would be hard.

And just before u leave,
I want u to feel.

When in my heart I fear,
Open it, in this process I tear,
Can’t really hide,
What’s melting inside.

When my eyes rain,
Inside the world goes insane,
In so much pain,
It happens in a chain.

But just before u go,
I want u to hear.

That in your eyes,
I suffice,
I have a reason,
They make me go crimson,

I promise that I won’t be weak,
And Ill be fine within a tweak.

And as I let you go,
I know that you know,
That it is just a phase,
And together we’ll face..

July 5, 2007

Night’s sorrow

Whistling in the night,
Thinking of you,
Missing your insight.

Should I smoke?
Would you come?
And stop me?
I must hope..

Cant help smiling,
Within me you are filling

Those eyes,
And goodbyes,
Leaving me…
…with the endless thoughts
Of love that I had sought.

I remember
The touch…
…of love so much.

Have to count stars..
Cant really help,
You are so far.

I sometimes wonder,
And ponder,
How a promise to…
…meet me again tomorrow…
…washes away the night’s sorrow?

In a stream,
Of you in my dream,
I’ll fight the dark,
To see the morning’s star.

Tomorrow will be a new day,
Longer will we stay?
Still, early ill drop you home,
Want my nights to miss you…
…more and more.