March 25, 2011



Dear Amer,

Before you finish this letter, I would've already left the town and I'm sure you wouldn't care where I'll be heading to.

It was wonderful having you in my not so exciting lonesome life and I specially remember the first time we met in the middle of the connecting highway, where my car broke down. I wasn't able to collect enough courage to stop other cars and ask for help, hundreds passed and you only cared enough to stop and ask to help.

The most exciting day of my life was when I moved into an apartment of a building adjacent to your house. I know, till date you think that it was a deliberate act. I just wanted to move into a neighborhood where you lived, it made me feel safe in a new town. It seemed like a very good idea to see you everyday, I was falling for you then!

Seeing you everyday gave me a reason to stay a little more in the town, making me more and more dependent on you even for something like a grocery list. That night when you made love to me, it made me forget my painful past and for some reason I didn't care that you lived in with her.

That time when you were not in town, my curiosity led me to your house, just to see how she was? I told her everything about us, thinking that she would understand us. She never reacted. I came across as an immature girl to her and she was very pleasant to me, her pleasantness was such a killer. For the rest of the day we just talked about you and your ambitious dream of setting up a dairy farm. We even laid a new flowerbed at the backyard together. And she asked me to come over anytime I wished to, work on the flowerbed and put any flowers of my choice, I chose the exotic black roses.

I know she fought with you the next night you came back, because since then you have changed. You got busier, stopped attending my calls and don't care for stopping by at my place. I was sick for a few days and wished that you stayed next to me. Somehow I feel cheated by both of you. I know you find love in her and regret in me now. You could have balanced us both in your life or maybe just let her go, but you chose none.

Anyways, I'm not left with any choices but to move ahead. These streets make me miss you more, strip me naked and make me feel filthy. I just wanted to say my final “bye” to her and return her your things that kept lying at my place.

You've had a tiring trip, please do rest, don't forget to water the black roses for me. Don't look for her in the house, you won't find her there. She sleeps under the flowerbed.

Wish I could love you more,


  1. Anonymous5:07 AM

    WOW! I was spellbound the whole time and the twist at the end was perfect.

  2. @ Raja, what haan? What?

  3. @ CML, thanks for the visit. Keep coming back for more.