May 3, 2007

I want to..

I want to speak to you..
What your ears cant listen to..

I want to hear you..
Even when, someone else you’re speaking to..

I want to see you..
When you’re quite and don’t want me to..

I want to feel u..
When in distress my mind
Wants someone to hold on to..

My gratification..

I am closing my mind
Away form you to find

Its starts with fear
That you might come near

Its not my fault
I live in a vault
Away from all this chaos
Between my need and your want

Cause I strife
For a life
That’s devoid
Of voids
Of expectations
Of unrealistic presumptions

Cause if you give me love
I’ll give you wings
For you to fly
And leave me to try

Again in my vault
Its not my fault

But I fancy here
A podium I share
With my conscious mind
And subconscious find

They power me into versification
And I write for their satisfaction gratification

Love is so...

Love is so dreary like
Waking up to early mornings

Startling to the perching rooster
Letting out his fright

To follow the samey
Old number daily

Watching the sun rise
To take up its prestige

Cycling through the tacky
Brown track

Following ma animals
Hurrying them to the earth

Scrutinizing the beasts
Winding up their feasts

Heat soaking up the afternoon dopey
Fishing up a nap, I am hopey

Waking up to slug down
The sustenance my other half prepared

Day will be shortening
Animals will be tiring

Watching the sun go down
Must leave for the town

Following the parched
Crumbly track

Chasing ma animals
Hurrying them to the shed

Counting the beasts
Resting them under cover

Seeing ma adoration
Watching my way
Feeling fresh again
The day was worth all the pain

Coming closer to ma features
She does it again,
“Wake up, its morning, still sleeping?”

..and love is so dreary as always
Like waking up to early mornings