May 13, 2010

Twenty plus six

This I wrote on the eve of my 26th birthday; no reasons at all.
I just wanted to dedicate it to myself

Twenty plus six

Journey’s been made,
Through these silly years,
All of twenty plus six,
After all it wasn’t so jinxed.

Rubbed my eyes twice,
Never saw so right,
Of all the memories that have been etched on the skin,
I remember only those; I was destined to win.

Carry on the road I’ve been walking for so long,
Off people dead or gone,
Cause I’ve been chasing the light,
Want to reach there alone.

My knees have been weakened now,
I will figure it out on my own; somehow,
Never to fall again,
Never to feel the pain,
For all of twenty plus six,
After all it wasn’t so jinxed.


  1. they say your way of looking at things change once you cross the 25th milestone...
    well your knees ain't weak yet, nor have you experienced 'em all...
    there's miles to go before you sleep...
    there's miles to go before you sleep...

  2. i never ever sleep till its three,
    sleep; only once i'm free..

    just some crazy thoughts in head which i felt like molding...

  3. I come again to read your blog and I can relate to this piece. Understanding your process into becoming your own person and realizing that in the end how lonely it feels to reach a certain milestone in your life alone. I agree with @Rajashree you have miles to go...

    AIDY :D

  4. AIDY, thanks for dropping by again. Looking forward for more visits from you..